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We welcome a wide range of events scheduled across Canada. From conferences and webinars to short courses and full certificates, offered both online and in-person, all events are encouraged. Please use the following form to submit your event for review.
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L'événement se terminera après un certain nombre de répétitions. Par exemple, si vous le réglez à 10, l'événement se terminera après 10 répétitions.Lire la suite

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Global time zone is set to Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5). If this is the time zone for your event, you do not have to choose a time zone below. Otherwise, click on the dropdown below and type the major city closest to your event to quickly located the time zone. Please select Moncton if your event is in NB. 

Fuseau horaire


To select a previously saved location, click on « Insert a new location » dropdown located below the URL example and select an existing location. To add a new location, fill out the option below. We’d recommend completing all location options, including longitude and latitude to allow for a correct map of your location to be displayed. To find you location’s longitude and latitude, navigate to Google Maps and enter the street address and city in the search bar. Your location’s latitude and longitude are the first set of numbers following the @ symbol; see example below. Simply copy the numbers, including the dash that precedes longitude, into the form. This information is not required, but can be helpful.

URL example:,-67.1015839,15.75z/data… latitude = 46.1126206 and longitude = -67.1015839

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ex : La Source

ex : Guéret (23)


Latitude and Longitude are parameters that represent the coordinates in the geographic coordinate system. You can find your venue's Latitude and Longitude measurments via the link below. Obtenir latitude et longitude

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